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I love farmers’ markets.  Love, love, love them.  I get so excited to support relatively local farms, to be part of the local food movement, that I get carried away.  Every time, I get way carried away.

I took little one on a leisurely jog (ha!) down the “hill” to the local farmers’ market last weekend.  I bought half of what I really should have (peppers, lettuce, avocado) and a boat load of strawberries, blueberries and fresh figs.   I ran back up the hill thinking, “I’m going to have a heart attack getting back home.”  Oh, and I also thought, “I’m going to make a berry tart and something great with these figs!”   *grunt*  Then I walked the rest of the way up.  Because I’m human, and pushing a chubby toddler up an 80 degree vertical incline is hard.


Little one and I have eaten a whole lot of fresh berries (no tart) and one fresh fig.  Every time I open the fridge, I feel guilty that I don’t know what to do with them.  Fig Newtons, homemade?  Oh, those are made with DRIED figs, and I’m not about to dry these figs just to bake something with them.   Stuff them with goat cheese, wrap in prociutto?  Sounds lovely.  Haven’t done it yet because that involves an additional grocery trip this week, and I avoid all extra shopping trips like the plague due to my little angel, who, last grocery trip, pulled a bottle of soy sauce off the shelf that exploded like an IED all over everything.  (I do, truly, love him dearly.)

I’ve set a D-day for these figs to be eaten or become garbage (as I haven’t yet created a compost plan).  I’ll let you know their finale.

Until then, it was a good thing to shop at the farmers’ market, but not a perfect thing as the figs testify.   Off to eat more fresh berries, maybe with a little ice cream…

ice cream

Wondering what happened?

Well, I did it.  I cooked with those figs.  I tried bacon-wrapped, stuffed with goat cheese.  They were good.  (How could they not at least be good?  They were wrapped in bacon for Pete’s sake!)

IMG_4077  IMG_4081

Before, 3 innocent figs posing for the camera.  After, a hot gooey mess of yum.

They could have been better.  They needed something  to brighten up the flavors, maybe marinated in balsamic vinegar?  Eh, too much trouble.  I’d recommend slicing figs, serving them over some greens with crumbled goat cheese, bacon bits and a nice vinaigrette.  That would be perfectly delicious with a lot less work!

I also tried candied figs.  Why not?  I love candy.   I did not love candied figs.  They lost some of their figgy flavor, and extra sugar was not needed for this batch of over-ripe fruit.  Oh well.  At least the figs were able to be part of an experiment before they got tossed.


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