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I’m jealous of Emily’s California growing season, and year round farmers’ markets.  Here in the Midwest, the season is coming to an end, and I have hauled myself over there a whole 2 times this year.  I am really not good about planning ahead and delaying grocery purchases in lieu of the market.

But today I did it!   We loaded up the crew and made it over right after it opened.


I wanted to see if my favorite booth had their pattypan squash (only available a week or two a year). Not ready yet,  but plenty of other beautiful choices.

Mums IMG_1089 IMG_1088   IMG_1082

So, today I didn’t come away empty handed.  And I even stayed away from the little mini cinnamon sugar donut stand this time.  Thus, it qualifies as one of my most successful trips ever.

Farmers market purchase Local organic honey

I found some local (non GMO) corn on the cob (50 cents an ear), picked last night, some beautiful peppers (5 for $5) and some local honey, which he literally poured into the bottles yesterday.  The grapes are from downstate, which is about as local as you can get here (grapes don’t grow well in northern IL).

What did you find this week?  What were the prices like?

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