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If you have little kids, then you might have an entire section of your pantry devoted to crackers.  There are graham crackers, animal crackers, saltine crackers, and don’t forget the goldfish crackers!  We ran out of crackers before naptime the other day, and I thought, “I bet I could make some crackers!”  This was followed by a list of reasons why making my own crackers would be so much better than buying them:

  • Healthier
  • Better tasting
  • Cheaper
  • More fun (the most important in my book; kitchen experiments are a major source of enjoyment)

Google took me straight to the do-it-yourself diva, Martha Stewart, for the recipe Homemade Graham Crackers.  It didn’t take long to realize that graham crackers, while being whole grain, cannot be considered healthy.  Store bought or homemade, any recipe with 2 sticks of butter is sure to be called tasty, but it would be hard pressed to be healthy.  Oh well, it might not be a healthy recipe, but I love baking and love butter!  Onward!

The recipe was super simple and quick.  I ran out of honey after 1 Tbsp (are you sensing a theme here?  I run out of things often because I 1) forget to write them on the grocery list when the supply gets low and 2) neglect to buy things on the list while at the store due to distraction by my handful of a toddler).  Well, I wasn’t about to abandon the recipe halfway in, so I substituted molasses.   Fabulous addition btw. :)

The dough was delicious.  You do need to wait 20 min while it sets in the freezer.  This is a great time to wash dishes and fold laundry.  Also, it’s just enough time to text a few friends.


(notice that these are nowhere near perfect rectangles.  I rolled these out, not Martha.   Not perfect.  Fortunately, taste has nothing to do with right angles.  Also, if you read the recipe, who has a fluted pastry wheel??  I used a pizza cutter)

Ok, these were worth the trouble and the grand total of 30 minutes active time mixing, rolling and cutting.  Unfortunately for my justifications, I’m not sure the reasons panned out.

Healthier?  Certainly less ingredients and preservatives than store bought.  Probably nix the idea of healthy cracker altogether.

Better tasting?  Definitely.  Hands down.  Y-U-M-M-Y.

Cheaper?  Nope.  The nerd in me had to fact check.  So with some excel work (Laura isn’t the only one who uses excel!) Here’s the breakdown:


This comes out to $5.20 versus $3.49 for a batch of regular graham crackers.  For me, homemade is totally worth the small added expense because it was fun, satisfying (to fill the cookie jar), and tasty.  I’ll still buy crackers at the store.  After all, they are so easy, and obviously more budget-friendly for those of us who pinch pennies.

Homemade doesn’t always win against store-bought when it comes to logic, but my taste buds are here to tell you, homemade is worth a try!  Definitely good.  If you want to see perfect crackers, check out homemade-wheat-thins by Smitten Kitchen.  Or this other recipe by her, whole-wheat-goldfish-crackers.  She seems awesome.  I bet she has a fluted pastry wheel, and I want her to invite me over for dinner.

Next time I’m going to make savory crackers.  This recipe seems simple and is not meant to be picture perfect.  Just my kind of recipe.

Ta-ta for now!

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2 Comments on Homemade Graham Crackers

  1. Em, you lost me at “set the dough in the freezer”. This is definitely outside of my wheelhouse. Good thing you incorporated some math for me at the end, helps me justify my store bought crackers!

    • Does that mean you won’t let me borrow your fluted pastry wheel? Durn. :)
      Oh, and that was based on all brand name ingredients and crackers. So your costco crackers are probably way beyond worth it in the budget department.

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