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Hello, campers!  Time for arts and crafts!

One of the things I love about having a child in the house is the excuse to do things like have arts and crafts time.  Which, by the way, I had before little man came along, but now I can have arts and crafts time without shame.

Last week, I got sick and tired of the wall decor in the nursery.  Two of the wall hangings had been bought quickly and without much consideration because, 2 weeks after having a baby, we put our house on the market.  We all know how important it is to stage the house.  This led to having two pictures that looked  something like this:

nursery before

Those are not the actual pictures, but they are closely related.  Sorry, I did take photos of the “art” but they have disappeared.  I think iPhoto rebelled against their lameness and deleted them for me.    They were printed on 10 x 10 canvas in that “no frame needed” manner.  In an effort to support “Reduce Reuse Recycle,” I decided we could reuse the canvas and make something NOT lame for my son’s room.

The boy loves trains.  We hear “choo choo” for various reasons all day long.  Or should I say “all the live long day”?  I’ve been working on the railroad… Naturally, we needed train pictures!

For arts and crafts time, we painted over the generic Babies ‘R Us pictures.  I almost let my toddler help.  Almost.  Acrylic paint is washable.  Then I decided he could continue to be restricted to crayons and his own project.  (I’m not sure that acrylic paint is meant to be ingested.)   I bought a third canvas to help round out the project.  After consulting the experts (our collection of illustrated train board books), I then sketched out the train cars, painted them in, and voila!

Choo Choo!
Choo Choo!

They hang right above the crib so that post-nap, he points out that there is, in fact, a “choo choo” in the room.    Here are the close ups.




It’s not perfect, but we had fun creating our own art.  :)  I hope this helps inspire you to create something fun and unique!   Check back Monday for a follow up of my dinner plans and a couple of recipes!


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What fun projects have you done lately for arts and crafts!  We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Love this! Great job, Emily. It’s so easy to buy what’s out there (a lot of which is so generic) and just not even think about it ever again. Adding something personalized – trains, which your boy loves, AND painted by you! – is awesome.

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