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What a week.  As you may recall I was planning the twins’ Not Pinterest Worthy Bday, and work was crazy busy.  I actually was really glad to have my lunch share for a few days because it was one of those weeks I didn’t even feel like I had time to leave my desk to go GET food.  One of those weeks where you look at the clock and it’s 2 pm and you haven’t eaten yet…

So here’s a quick recap.

Day 1 (Steph)

She made an awesome Chicken Waldorf Salad from Paleo Plan.  Now, obviously the delicious slices of whole wheat bread from Great Harvest are not Paleo … oopsies.  Alas, we are not going to fit into a “100%” anything diet anytime soon.  Basically we’re looking at the ultimate GNP style lunch.  Whole food, short list of ingredients, meets the lunch share rules.  Check out those beautiful sliced tomatoes from the garden too.  Yum yum.

photo 1

Day 2 (Steph)

Day 2 was a bit of a debacle.  Steph forgot our lunch share at home and so had to run home and get it.  We’re talking like 25 minutes away.  This is a girl who takes the lunch share seriously.  I probably would have trudged downstairs to the “trough” (aka our building’s basement, no windows, dungeon-slash-cafe) for a salad if not for her sticktoitiveness.   So she got our lunch, but after all that, she forgot the extra apple that the recipe calls for.  No worries on my end, it was actually even a bit better the 2nd day.  And do you see that dessert?  Um yes, the most delicious pineapple I’ve had this side of Maui (from Whole Foods).


I know the above picture may be slightly shocking.  Only one slice of Great Harvest bread for me?  Well that was the plan.  I dutifully placed the other slice aside to enjoy an “open faced sandwich”.  But then around 3pm the extra slice was still sitting there staring at me, so I put it out of its misery.  It was the humane thing to do.   #carbivore

Day 3 (me) – Slumgullion

This is sort of a favorite catch-all recipe for when my husband’s traveling and I need to make something one night to last big sis and I several days.  The sauce consists of

  • 1 lb of browned grass fed ground beef (I buy it frozen from
  • 1 chopped up pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 handful of mushrooms  

To this veggie concoction I added 1 whole jar of store-bought low ingredient pasta sauce.  This pasta sauce is Bertolli Organic Basil & Garlic and it actually tasted really good (mind you, this Organic, low ingredient sauce was purchased from a conventional grocery – it is possible if you employ Mindful Label Reading!).  They even carry this particular sauce at our local Walmart.  Proof you don’t have to go to Whole Foods to be goodnotperfect.

Anyway, I used 1 whole box of gemelli pasta (one of the pastas shown here).   I cooked it al dente.  I poured the entire sauce mixture onto the pasta and mix together.  You will end up with one giant bowl (scientific measurement) that equates to about 8 servings (and I mean real people servings, not ingredient box 1 spoonful type servings).

I had made this pasta concoction on the prior Saturday and then froze two individual portions, already in the lunch containers (I continue to be inspired by Lisa).  I even remembered to take the lunch containers out the night before my lunch share and let them thaw.  Whew.

Unfortunately, the next morning this amazing memory of mine failed me.  I literally backed all the way down the driveway and realized I had forgotten to finish and pack the rest of the lunch.  Didn’t even have them in the car.  Would have been a downstairs “trough” day for us (I told you, it was that kind of week).  I couldn’t let that happen.   So I threw the van in park, ran inside, cut up a cucumber (creative, eh?), put a dash of vinegar and a dash of olive oil, salt and pepper on it.  And cut up an organic apple for us (from TJ’s).

Voila, a complete lunch, all compiled in literally 96 seconds.

My coworker told me her mom used to make something like this and called it “slumgullion”.   Heretofore I have called this pasta with meat and veggies.  Henceforth, I shall call this slumgullion. 


Day 4 (me … More KALE!)

This was not my favorite kale salad.  Oh why, oh why did I dare stray from the two salads that have treated me right!?  This was sauteed veggies and wilted kale with grated fresh parm.  Despite sounding gourmet, it didn’t hit the spot quite like the other Two Kale Salads I make repeatedly.  But I must. keep. trying. more. kale.

I added some leftover chicken thighs I had thrown in the slow cooker using my go-to “base” recipe.  I put a few ak-maks as “crunchies”, and a half of a cherry pie larabar as a dessert.

photo 4

Bottom line, we survived a crazy week.  Well fed, pretty healthy overall if you ask me.   And no visits to the trough, despite a few close calls.

Recap of week one:  Here

Anyone else have a coworker they are going to share lunches with?

Happy Lunching,


Laura Sig

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