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Someone asked us yesterday what our goals are, both broad and specific, when it comes to Good Not Perfect.   It is such a challenge to put our thoughts into words.

Here’s what we do know:

We want to be relevant to the educated, playful, curious person who wants to learn more but is turned off by the extremes.  We want to be careful about what we share and make sure it is good information.  And in doing so, we want to entertain our readers with insights into our real, imperfect lives.

We want to spread the word … Do what is important to you.  Focus on aligning your priorities with your values.  Try to filter out the other less relevant things.  We both personally struggle with this every day.

I was at lunch with a friend who said, “I see so much about clean eating, and I know I should look into it more.  But it all seems so overwhelming. I don’t know where to begin.”

It is important to her that she feeds her kids healthier foods.  Yet, she, like so many people, has so much other noise in her life that is hard to find the right time and place to start.  I think we can all relate.

In this case, I asked my friend a few questions to determine just one piece of “low hanging fruit.”  Something money saving, easy, and something her family eats a lot of.   We concluded that one easy change was shredded cheese (which includes mold inhibitors and anti-caking agents).  She decided she’d instead try to buy block cheese that she shreds herself.

Imagine how happy I was when she told me yesterday that her family has been using block cheese, and that “It tastes so much better and melts much better too.  We love it.”

And that is why I get excited about the Good Not Perfect project.


One shred of cheese at a time.  By trying to help a friend make one of her priorities just a tad more accessible … or just by giving someone a giggle, or a new piece of information, I can make a difference.

Laura Sig

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