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Dear Laura,

I have mixed emotions about your letter.  I’m so happy that you are enjoying autumn in Chicago.  I’m jealous because we don’t get the same type of autumn in San Diego (although the nights have become chilly, ahhhh).  I’m sad that I won’t be enjoying fall in the midwest, my favorite season.  I’m also feeling a bit smug because, in 2 months, you will be miserably  cold and we’ll still be able to enjoy the beach.  😛


Feel free to rub it in when I’m sad over the lack of a white Christmas.  I’m not sure how I feel about Christmas weather being warm.  Yes, I was in Dallas for 5 years.  Yes, we had cold weather and snow there.

Fat, furry dogs love snow!
Fat, furry dogs love snow!

So anyway, I made the pumpkin cheesecake muffins, and you were right!  They are amazing and taste like I’d imagine autumn would.  I made two kinds – the original recipe and the +chocolate chips recipe.  I strongly recommend adding chocolate chips.

Listen closely for angelic choir
Listen closely for angelic music


Feast your eyes on these beauties!  (Note: there are no photos of the muffins with chocolate chips.  I will not explain why.)

Mini-muffins are perfect for mini-people, like an 18 month old.

If I don’t get the jogging stroller fixed soon, I’m going to have to stop baking and start making kale salads.

Thanks again for rubbing in the sweater and boot weather you’re having.  Call me in February when you need to come visit before your toes lose all feeling. :)

Love ya!
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P.S.  Your butter post has left me butter-obsessed.  Be glad you’re too far away to help me eat all the goodness in my kitchen lately.  “How to make the world’s best butter” coming soon…

P.P.S Also, I’d like to request more pumpkin recipes.  Do you have a good pumpkin waffle recipe?  That just sounds good!

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