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The idea for “Grocery Goodifying” was born one evening around my kitchen table, chatting with a busy girlfriend of mine (mother of four on a tight budget) as we picked at a veggie tray and finished a glass of wine.  Yummy carrots led to the subject of organic farming which in turn led to a discussion about her grocery budget.

But before we get into the details of Grocery Goodifying, let me explain the rationale for this new project.

Grocery Goodifying Intro | Good Not Perfect

We all have different priorities.

We don’t all have the same obstacles.  What is my battle may not be yours.

But it can’t hurt to be an informed citizen.  And do the easy things we can to make a difference in the world.

I have some friends who happen to know a ton about my “issues” (artificial additives in food, environmental sustainability, antibiotic resistance)  … and I also have a lot of equally awesome friends who know a ton about different things (muscular dystrophy, feeding the homeless, fitness training).

We can’t all be all-knowing about everything.  It’s the basic premise of civilization.  You farm, I fish, he builds houses.  We all have more veggies, more fish, and more houses than we would if we each tried to master all these tasks ourselves.  And this division of labor is what gives us time to sit back and relax once in awhile.

When you focus on one area of knowledge, you learn the lingo, you get efficient, and you start to understand the more advanced topics.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care.

Even though we will each never be expert fishers, farmers, AND homebuilders, it doesn’t mean we can’t work to understand the basics of growing a few tomato plants or how often we should change our furnace filter.  And even if you’re not an environmentalist, you can turn out the lights when you leave a room and take advantage of curbside recycling.

My whole philosophy is this: Grab the low hanging fruit.

If there are a few easy swaps in your life you have the time or money to make, then why not?  I know sleep better at night knowing I do my part to vote with my dollars in the marketplace in a relatively responsible manner, to not be wasteful, and to educate others about what I have learned.


Which brings us to Grocery Goodifying.  In this series I will take some friends’ grocery receipts and identify low hanging fruit in their allocation of spending.  I’ll do the dirty work for them, since it comes naturally to me at this point.  I can’t help but to read labels and think about trade-offs when it comes to navigating the aisles.

I’m not pushing friends to rearrange their lives or make any radical changes.  I’m just helping them with the analysis part and pointing out any areas where they can improve the contents of their cart.  Think of me as a grocery consultant.



Show curiosity.  Share your knowledge.

Gently share your areas of passion and knowledge with your open-minded friends, whatever they may be.  And learn what you can from the experts you have in your life.  Swap book recommendations.  Ask good questions.  Watch both Bill Maher and Fox News.  Seek both sides of the story (and of course, listen to NPR in the car).

I hope you’ll subscribe to the email list using the form below, and make sure you are hooked up with us on social media so you can follow along and meet a few of my friends and peek into their grocery carts.  And then you can leverage my work and simply pass the “Goodifying” posts along to your friends who might be open minded to making some easy swaps in their own shopping carts.

What are you passionate about?  If I were to only read one thing about it, what should it be?

Laura Sig




Ready to read the first cart makeover?? Here it is! —>  Lauren’s Cart


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11 Comments on Helping the World, One Grocery Cart at a Time

    • Thanks Michelle! I have the full spectrum of people lined up for the next few – from one who gets Organic veggies delivered to one who shops almost all conventional at Aldi on a very tight budget! I am excited to dig in. :)

  1. “Grab the low hanging fruit” – I love that. I also love the idea that you are doing the dirty work for your friends and readers when it comes to making good grocery choices. Sometimes I wish I had someone like you pushing the cart with me in the aisles.

    • Thanks Kelli! I am ALL about not recreating the wheel – if you know more about something than I do, I’m sure as heck going to listen to all the research you’ve done so I don’t have to do it myself!

  2. I think a lot of people don’t change their diet because they are overwhelmed by the decisions and aren’t sure if they are doing things right. Ii doesn’t help matters when people criticize their choices for not being healthy enough. As long as one begins moving in the right direction, that’s what is really important. Nobody is ever going to be perfect enough. Little by little changes will come.

    • Thanks for stopping by! We totally agree. One step in the right direction is something to feel good about. Even I get caught in the “guilt” trap now and then when life gets busy and I don’t make the best food decisions. At the end of the day, we’re just going for a bit “better” each day. Perfection simply doesn’t exist.

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