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It’s been awhile since our last “Money Monday” so we thought it was time for another one.  This time around, we decided to pop on over to our friend Michelle’s page at Simplify, Live, Love to give her fans a pep talk since they just completed a 30-day Spending Strike for the month of January.

You know how after a strict diet sometimes people feel so deprived they quickly reward their behavior with that “side of fries” or a gooey cinnamon roll (or three)?   I thought it was worth thinking about how someone might be able to “ease” back into a sustainable lifestyle after completing such an “Extreme Weight Loss” type challenge with respect to their budget.


I am so excited to introduce you guys to her blog.  I initially discovered Michelle through reading about her living in a barn while she and her husband build a Passive House.   She has an awesome down to earth approach, enjoys scratch cooking and gardening, and has a truly balanced approach to healthy and natural living (not to mention a good ol’ fashioned Midwestern sensibility).  We have gotten to know each other as we “talk shop” about bloggy things and I have become an even bigger fan.  So I’m thrilled to be able to guest post over there.

So, pop on over and check out the Five Tips.   And while you’re there, take a look around Michelle’s blog, it’s awesome.

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