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Hi Emily & Mary,

Em – First off, let me say I was so glad to read your journal entry and see that great picture of you on the beach!  It made me happy to picture you and Thelma frolicking with my homegirl Stephanie from Covet Living and her co-pilot Gus.  Mary, I would love to see your entry if you have it.  You guys are always teaching me interesting things which is part of why I love you both so much.

This week was my first week at the new job.  Great people. Lots of new systems and concepts of which I have to get up to speed.  Like did you know it is not normal to be able to leave food indefinitely in the work fridge?  After 10 years of anything goes in FridgeLand, I will have to be more disciplined going forward.  Luckily there is a kind IT guy sitting in the next group of cubes who did the rounds at 4:50 Friday reminding us to take our things out.  WHEW! My precious real half and half was saved from an untimely demise.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the work stuff about the “transponsting” I do for a living (you may have to dust off the TBS reruns to decipher that Friends reference).  But it is interesting work and I’m going to learn a lot.

In the evenings I still trolled Pinterest for recipe ideas.  Here’s a summary of some good finds from the web this week.

Weekly Wrap Up


This weekend I’m going to hopefully fully recover from the cold-that-never-ends and watch the Frozen DVD a few hundred times.  What do you have going on?


Laura Sig




You can see last week’s wrap up if you need more ideas.  Recipe hoarding at its finest.

2 Comments on Weekly Recipe Wrap II

  1. Thanks so much for adding my Gnocchi to your lovely weekly recipe round-up. It’s a pretty easy recipe, and really yummy! And, I love those little pillows of potato-y goodness! I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Cheers, Debi

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