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This 10 week initiative from Good Not Perfect and Simplify, Live, Love is aimed at simplifying, finding time for yourself, and being happier. You can read about the 10 week project here and here.

When I first read Laura’s description of the journal entry for this week, I thought, “How simple!  I’m doing that already.”  Then after patting myself on the back, I sat down to pen an honest list of everything I need to do this week.  Turns out I’m not actually doing this very well … at all …

In reality, I make a mostly mental list that is completely inadequate, given that the brain can only remember four things at once.  Then I spend the entire week overwhelmed and snapish, trying to figure out when I’m going to fit in all my to-dos.

So right off the bat I divided my list into four categories based on what’s most important this week:

  1. Company coming
  2. Work
  3. Family
  4. Self

Make your game plan | Week 4

We have family coming in town on Thursday to join us for a long ski weekend, so my tasks will be crammed into four days.  But hey, I’m sure everyone is most productive Monday through Thursday anyway.  I don’t know about you, but by Friday night, all I want to do is sink into the couch with a glass of wine and watch Shark Tank.  Yes, Shark Tank is a part of the Friday routine.  Don’t judge.

And looking back at those categories, I wonder what Freud would say about listing myself last.  Hmmm.  Affliction of mothers everywhere.

Then I loaded the tasks onto the calendar.  Even though Laura mentions not setting a time for everything, my calendar is divided up by morning, afternoon, and evening, so I used those general buckets for planning purposes.  And I put a small blank box before every task – because why make a list if you can’t check things off??

Make your game plan | Week 4

You might notice I’ve scheduled the bulk of my list for Monday – it’s my day off.  And Thursday mornings are administrative time, which explains the work-related tasks put there.

Within my list of non-negotiable tasks that must be done this week are things that are non-negotiable every week.  Exercise is the most important of these.  Running is my trainer and my therapist rolled into one.

The most dreaded task on my list?  Clean up paper piles.  I’m practically a professional paper piler (say that five times fast).  My stacks of junk don’t bother me in the least – what bothers me is when other people (neighbors, visitors) see my clutter.  It’s mortifying.  It’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned out the piles, which is why I placed that task early in the week when I still have a lot of energy.

As for what I outsourced (per Laura’s orders), my awesome husband washed the guest room sheets before he left for a business trip on Sunday.  This gesture was doubly nice since he’s been sick for the last week.  Cheers to men who do laundry!

Putting all my weekly non-negotiables in a specific place gives me hope they can actually be accomplished.  What a relief to declutter my brain!

I’d love to hear about any and all of your planning successes and failures.  Anyone already doing this?

Mary Sig



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2 Comments on The Weekly Game Plan – Mary’s Journal Entry

  1. I love the organization and getting everything down on the list! Although you are supposed to schedule time off for yourself – I guess that would be the weekend!? I hope you won’t be working too hard hosting the entire time. :) Paper is so good because it releases you from the thoughts bouncing around your head. Hence the satisfaction of the checkmark in the box.

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