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Weekly Wrap 3 |

Hi Mary & Em,

What a week!  My second week at the new job, now 3 sick kids in total, plus me getting over a full fledged sinus infection (remember I told you I had a pesky cold?  It turned into raging headache slash pain in the maxilla slash shooting ear pain).   Meanwhile, I am having to adjust to working five days a week every week.  You guys know that at my old job, I had 26 Fridays off a year, which meant I could schedule haircuts, get the occasional grocery trip in, and cross a nagging task or two off of my to do list.  Even the weeks I worked five days, I had visibility into when my next Friday off would be, and could put things off until then.  And I think even more importantly, I could use that Friday to regroup and make new lists and scribble on the calendar.

Let us all take a moment of silence out of respect to my former day off of work with childcare.

No longer can I put things off until that precious Friday.  So I am feeling particularly out of balance.  how the heck am I going to get reorganized and get those to-dos done?   How do 5-day a week working moms do it?  I can’t outsource much more – I already have a cleaning lady and don’t have the budget for something like a personal assistant.  Maybe I could take on an intern like Sonya Morganstern on RHONY.  (Either of you know a responsible college student looking for valuable life experience as an assistant to a *cough cough* prestigious professional?  Organizational skills and MS Office a must.  Preferably willing to work for fresh baked bread free.)

No but in all seriousness, the weekends are going to be even less relaxing than they already weren’t. And finding time for myself?  ACK!  I am going to seriously re-work my 168 hours.  I haven’t even gotten the fresh breath of Spring to distract me. @$% $%#% Winter WON’T END.  I’m thinking about proposing a big climate controlled “super dome” type structure over our area in the ‘burbs (sort of like the Truman Show).

I did manage to do a little cooking today – I made my second favorite kale salad and my most favorite lentil soup (recipe to come), and did a whole chicken in the crock pot using Emily’s delicious cilantro lime recipe (and made the enchiladas with the meat, enough for us and the neighbor across the street who had a baby).  Adam took the babies to the pediatrician, I ran to the bank, dry cleaner, and forgot to pick up my contact lenses that have been sitting at my optometrist since February.  No exaggeration.

All while trying to tend to two incredibly cranky toddlers.

As a result, I am just now sitting down for the first time all day, at 8:37 pm.

So basically I haven’t had any time rearranged the time for myself to post any of my own recipes.  Or call you guys, or even text.  Or respond to personal emails.  I basically have fallen off of the face of the earth. Oopsie!  Here are some recipes I did see from other way more productive bloggers this week.

P.S. – I have to say it made my day on Monday to see Courtney from Family Gone Healthy included us in her roundup of Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes!

Mary how was your ski weekend with family?  Emily, what are you up to right now?  There have to be some fun crafts you can show me.  My brain needs a break from all the new information I’m processing at my new job.  Send pictures of kids and puppies.



8 Comments on Weekly Wrap-Up 3

  1. Thank you so much for including my Caramlized Onion and Cream Cheese Enchiladas! I am so sorry y’all have been sick and things are so hectic! I hope it gets better soon! I wish I lived closer! I would love to be an intern for a busy professional! :-)

  2. The carmelized onion enchilada recipe I can vouch for! I made it yesterday, and it is DELICIOUS. Super rich though!

    Also, I was trying to follow the recipe and I realized why I never follow recipes – I always misread them and make a stupid mistake, so don’t be me and add WAY MORE SUGAR than the recipe calls for. I remember thinking “this is a strange amount of sugar to add. but i’m gonna follow the recipe!” and later realized I had read it wrong.

  3. Thanks for including my cinnamon spirals with yogurt/nutella dip. I’m scheduling a day to make your homemade crescent roll dough and re-make my recipe.

    Hope that soon the Spring sunshine helps you see sunny days ahead.


  4. I wish I could say I was busy doing something so amazing and interesting… but I can’t. :) Weeding the garden, spring cleaning/reorganizing cabinets, staring at my to-do list at 9:30 at night and procrastinating another day is the grand sum! Sometimes life gets busy! I’ll send pictures when I get around to downloading and processing them!

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