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This 10 week initiative from Good Not Perfect and Simplify, Live, Love is aimed at simplifying, finding time for yourself, and being happier. You can read about the 10 week project here and here.

Week 5 #springintobalance

Spring is officially here!

We’ve moved on from reflection to “making time.”  Hopefully you’ve reflected a lot on priorities, and identified some low hanging fruit for things you can cut out of your day that just aren’t that important to you.

If you haven’t joined us, here’s all you need to know to catch up:  There are 168 hours in a week, and we’re working hard to give two of these hours to ourselves.  Last week had a pretty good summary of what we’ve done to date.

Week 5 Journal Prompt:  What is one thing I would like to change in the next 3 months?

Need some thought starters? Check out this article geared at New Year’s resolutions.

Week 5 Homework:  SAVE TIME at home!

Here’s a good practice exercise I heard from one of my friend Laura Vanderkam’s Today Show visits (see last week’s homework).  If you ever find yourself saying “I don’t have time”, simply replace that with “It’s just not that important to me.”  Would I say that about spending time with my kids? Probably not.  But cleaning out my closet, certainly.  It’s not that I couldn’t find time… rather that I don’t find time.

It doesn’t mean we have to neglect everything that is less important.  We can just divvy it up and tuck it into corners here and there between more important tasks.

Don’t forget to post pictures of any of these homework assignments, with the hashtag “#Springintobalance” and this week #unplug, #drinkmorewater, #earlytobed.  You can follow us on Instagram here and here.

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