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This 10 week initiative from Good Not Perfect and Simplify, Live, Love is aimed at simplifying, finding time for yourself, and being happier. You can read about the 10 week project here and here.

Spring into Balance - a journey toward finding happiness

Well, congratulations. You’ve made it through the “making time for yourself” bootcamp.

Ok, timeout.  I have to be honest here.  I have not had time to do my journal entries every week, so I imagine you may have not either.  But like me, I hope you’ll at least reflect on the topic and make time to do these journal entries over the next few weeks – at your own pace.  Sitting down and writing each post at least makes me stew on the topic, and I am glad I have set up this framework that I can revisit when I’m not in the process of switching jobs and wrangling grumpy 18 month olds.

But anyway, I have definitely adopted a few good hobbies.  I am unplugging early each night (sorry blog), I am thinking about spending more time outdoors (sorry again, blog), and I am drinking more water (most of the time).

This week it’s time to use those few minutes you’ve rearranged for yourself to do a bit of everything that is important to you.

  • Pick one day each week as a day of (relative) pleasure for yourself.  Let everything non essential slide. No laundry, no cleaning the house, work out if you want to (or don’t).
  • At this point you are getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier. You hopefully have made time in your day by delegating and doing some of the stuff we have discussed in Weeks 1-5.
  • Pick 30 minutes, two days a week, do to something related to your week 2 journal entry.  I told you we’d have to refer back to this one!!  This means forgetting the should do list.

Week 8 Journal Entry

For your journal entry, it’s not a written one this week.  Instead, it’s photo-journalistic.  Go to your favorite outdoor spot and take a few pictures.  Try to challenge yourself to capture what you love about it.


And while you’re there, maybe jot a few spontaneous notes in your journal. If you don’t have a cute journal yet, just a tip – get one – it is even more fun to write in. and may help inspire you.

And read this article:  Top Seven Successful Weekend Habits

Please this week, post your pictures. I will be looking for them! Don’t forget to post pictures of any of these homework assignments, with the hashtag “#Springintobalance” and this week #unplug, #freshair, #priorities.  You can follow us on Instagram here and here.

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