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Well, it’s almost been a year since I called up Emily and said. “Hey, I have an idea”. She had a sister who is handy with the IT stuff and I had a vision. Emily had a bit of free time to fiddle around, and wanted to learn about Internet publishing so could do some medical writing during the time she had between her hubby’s various stations. I was unfulfilled in my job, desperately wanting more social interaction, and missing the chance to exercise the journalistic muscles that I had developed in the hard-hitting newsrooms of Muncie Burris High School (for your yung’uns this was how people saw pictures of sporting events and learned about the Prom theme back before Facebook happened). I dabbled in journalism in college as a copy editor at the IDS, and ran the B-School paper for a few years. Come to think of it, in this blog I still haven’t proven that I remember how to write a good lead.
But I digress.


Pergola |
Our deck was western facing and was so hot in the late afternoon. Designed this pergola with a ceiling fan to make our deck more enjoyable!

Right now it is Sunday morning, and I am sitting on deck, under my newly constructed pergola (yay shade!) thinking about how much has happened in the past year. I am glad I documented so much of it from September to March-ish. I am glad it gave Emily, Mary, and I a chance to reconnect and kvetch about topics that we otherwise wouldn’t have discussed (e.g. The Evils of Wheat). We are still in the middle of some of those debates and discussions.

The good thing about this blog, vs. the newsrooms around the world, is that we don’t have to meet any deadlines. I don’t have to cover topics just because we should. We can spend the Spring outside instead of behind the computer screen. We can take a few weeks (ahem, months) off of blogging when we do something crazy like start a completely new career (me) or decide to do another field of specialization (Emily). Or move across country and get settled in a new city (Em and Mary). Or how about throwing the CFA exam in the mix (me)? Have I mentioned we’re both a bit crazy like that?

So here’s my thing. Lately I haven’t posted, not because I haven’t had much to say or think about, but because I haven’t made it a priority to take pictures, sit down behind the keyboard, and type up these thoughts. And frankly people seem to like recipes the best, and I haven’t been doing nearly as much cooking since it’s the summer. The grill is my friend, folks. And Trader Joes.

So here’s what you can expect going forward. A lot more spur of the moment, not as pretty, stream of consciousness type posts from me. That’s really all I can squeeze in right now. But I want to keep up the fun stuff – the interaction with Em, Mary, and our subscribers, and for me, a chance to look back at what I was doing in my spare time (although ’tis going to be more few and far between until December 6 ish. Or maybe next year sometime. And maybe 2 years from now for Emily. Mary, what about you?). And forget trying to make the headlines clever or searchable. I’m going to prioritize getting down on paper in html what I want to say, and looking forward to seeing what my friends want to write back.

What are you up to these days?  Stay tuned, I promise I will write something fun one of these days. :)

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