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One of the perks of my new job is that I get just a little bit of travel.  This week I spent exactly 24 hours in Toronto, Canada. I love visiting other cities and doing the whole “when in Rome…” thing.

Which includes, of course, buying a $4 drink in the airport before leaving (hey, it’s part of the Airport Culture).

Starbucks OHare |

One Pump Mocha

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, my flight was actually on time. Maybe because it’s one of those tiny shoe-box sized planes that just shuttles back and forth from Toronto to O’Hare.

I arrived in Toronto fairly late, and went straight to my hotel near Yonge and College, which generally seemed to be a young, international area with a fair amount of residential development and lots of restaurants and pubs.  I had dinner at Reds Wine Tavern, because it looked welcoming and it had some local beers on tap.  I had the Curry of the day and a Canadian wheat beer.  I used the free wifi (which is ubiquitous in the city) and spent some time familiarizing myself with a map so I could find the best way to my meetings the next day.

I try to take public transportation, and generally speaking get the layout of the city.  Since I’m traveling for work, I have to do the whole “When in Rome” thing in the little chance I get for breaks for meals, or while I’m walking from place to place.

Second Cup Toronto |

Subway ride with my very Canadian cup of joe on the way back from my first meeting

My second meeting was close to the lake, so I decided to grab lunch at St. Lawrence Market


Googled something like “what to eat in St. Lawrence Market” and it pointed me to the Carousel Bakery


P.S.  Canadian Bacon is just called Bacon in Canada

I listened to about 5 or 6 people order and it was clear there are two options worth trying at Carousel. The Peameal Bacon and the Chicken Parm. Both are on a soft, fresh roll and served in a foil wrapper. You grab it and try to find a place to sit somewhere int he crowded market.  I opted for the chicken parmesan sandwich, saddled up to a bar-height counter and people watched for a bit.

St. Lawrence Market is a big indoor market with meats, veggies, and prepared foods.  I would definitely be shopping here frequently if I were a local.

St Lawrence Market Toronto


Satisfied with my lunch choice, and grateful I had grabbed $20 Canadian at the airport ATM (Carousel is cash only!), I headed to find the closest Tim Horton’s for some wifi and to prepare for my next meeting. Along the way I snapped a few pics.

Toronto construction |

Toronto is full of construction.  This reminded me of a favorite childhood book, Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel.  Anyone else know what I’m talking about?!

Flatiron Building Toronto |

Loved the juxtaposition of old and new in this pic.

Safely in my meeting, between meetings with friendly Canadians (yes, I am afraid the stereotype was confirmed), I saw this incredible view of the CN Tower out of the conference room window.

CN Tower Toronto | goodnotperfect.comI’d love to hear from anyone who lives in Toronto.  If I ever have another free lunch hour in Toronto, what should I do?

Laura Sig

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