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When it comes to baking, I tend to aim more towards “perfect” than “good.” I usually bake from scratch, especially for my boys (the big one and the small one). But, for my son’s birthday, with a one-month-old baby complicating the picture, it was time to reset my kitchen navigation to “good enough.”

And this is the result, not too shabby!!

Transformers, roll-out!
Transformers, roll-out!

This cake was made with boxed cake mix, and pre-canned icing. Everyone at the party commented on how tasty it was! (Score!)

The Autobot symbol was made with a stencil of sorts. I printed off the logo from the internet, cut it out, put it on the white icing and used a toothpick to outline it. Then, using my store-bought red cupcake icing with a star tip, I piped on the logo. Easy-peasy, and the birthday boy was ecstatic!

I bought $8 Transformer masks and party favors from Amazon and balloons from the grocery store (Spiderman for the bday boy, they don’t have Transformers…). No decorations, no coordinated food spread, no organized games. Just happy little boys playing and having cake. It was a roaring success!

Another goodnotperfect day. Making a special day for my first baby despite having a new baby was pretty perfect to me!

Later gators,

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