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GNP Team

Laura (left) is a native Hoosier, and is a slightly nerdy an inherently curious person.   She and her husband have three children (big sis and younger boy/girl twins) and live in the suburbs of Chicago.   She is a financial analyst by day, with an undergraduate degree in Business (although she really should have been a Bio major) and an MBA.  She considers one of her more impressive recent accomplishments to be completing a pair of fingerless gloves in a “Knitting 101” class at a local yarn studio (because almost everyone needs a pair of fingerless gloves but nobody actually has one).


Emily is also a native Hoosier and dreams of being able to have a successful career while also being an amazing cook, crafter, and gardener (watch out, Martha Stewart).   She and her husband live in San Diego with their son and their overweight golden retriever, Thelma.  Emily is a pediatrician by day (and sometimes nights and weekends) with an undergraduate degree in French and Chemistry.  She is most proud of completing Ironman Arizona in under 14 hours and having a baby without pain medication.

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Laura and Em met in college at Indiana University, and despite having not lived in the same city for the past 10+ years, their travels have brought them together a few times a year in Atlanta, Dallas, or Chicago … preferably with their 3rd college roomie, Mary, another busy mom who currently resides in Denver, CO and is a guest contributor to Good Not Perfect.

Go Hoosiers!

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  1. Laura so nice to read your blog. Advice from this older generation. Keep those college friends forever. I’m still friends with some of my high school friends and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  2. Love it! Will have to follow. How old are your kids? I am single Mom (FP who takes too much call) to two. Daughter came to me almost 13 years ago and is 19. I tell everyone she taught me to cook. Luckily she liked healthy food. Before her I cooked 1x/week and ate the same lunch and supper with some microwave popcorn thrown in. Daughter is off in college now (studying international business). Son turns 13 Sunday. He came to me at 5 being a noodles only kind of guy (but quickly adapting to chicken strips and fries). I think the only reason he eats well is that his beloved big sister did. I think we’ve accomplished something because he’s gone from 5% in height to 50%. He’s also the fastest on his Jr High football team. I knit when I have time. I garden. run/snowshoe with the dog and try to keep chaos at bay. Perfection is not an option. I just do my best.

    • Hey Cathy! Thanks for stopping by! We both have young kids- Laura (1 5 yr old and 2 infants), Em 1 toddler. Sounds like you will fit right in around here, perfection is not an option, but we have lots of things we really enjoy … and try to be pretty good at those things. For me, Real Food is a huge one. Making the best choices I can with my hard earned $ (the best vote). We will be taking a very careful approach about what “science” we share on here, and will try to stay balanced among so many different priorities (time, sanity included). Please stay tuned!

    • We’re glad you found us. Always happy to hear from a fellow blogger – especially a fellow Phi Mu!
      Happy blogging to you as well!

  3. Laura, sat next to you last night at Alton Brown – just wanted to say thanks for being so sweet to my daughter and I love your blog! Will visit regularly. Cultured butter is on my list for tomorrow!

    • Lisa!! I am so glad you found us, thanks for stopping by. What a fun night last night, I enjoyed chatting with you! I can’t wait to hear how the butter turns out. If nothing else it’s an experiment of which Alton would approve. I’ll try to find you on “the Twitter” too. :)

  4. It’s difficult to find knowledgeable people on this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


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