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Grocery Goodifying – Six on a Budget

Feeding a family of six on a budget |

Feeding a family of six on a budget |

Meet Supermom.  Dawn is a mother of four, super generous, involved in the community, and even finds time to organize the meal donations for new twin parents.  It was a conversation with her that gave me the idea to do this little series in the first place.  She feels the pressure of shopping on a really tight budget, and told me she really doubted she could fit anything extra (think organic milk) into her list.

I took that as a challenge.  If it is something that she would like to do, I’d like to help her.  I think a reasonable goal is to find room in the budget for non-conventional milk.

Here is what I did:

Five Ways to Go Green – St. Patrick’s Day

5 Ways to Go Green

Right now Pinterest is full of shamrock shakes and green cupcakes, and Chicago is gearing up for its two parades and buckets of dye to make the river green.  Yes, it seems like pretty much everyone is Irish this time of year.  I thought I’d channel my (actual) Flanagan heritage with some unconventional “ways to go green” this year by suggesting a few eco friendly products or habits you can incorporate into the festivities.

5 Ways to Go Green |


The Dangers of Shopping at Costco

What happens if you shop at Costco with no list |

Dear Emily,

I’m writing you this urgent letter to spread the news, before you and your family fall victim to the hidden dangers behind one of America’s favorite stores.

Good Not Perfect's guide to surviving Costco

You may have been considering a membership.  While this store can be a true delight for bargain shoppers and growing families alike, it is very easy to drop $400 without even trying.  There are a few important commandments one must obey before agreeing to join the elite membership club that everyone is part of.  You must obey my instructions to avoid the lingering, wandering aimlessly kind of Costco trip that can wreak havoc on a budget. (more…)