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Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes

Blueberry whole wheat pancakes |

Blueberry whole wheat pancakes |


It’s a crisp Sunday morning here. I have put Sesame Street on for a whole 45 minutes of attempted peace and quiet to spend some time sitting in a sunbeam with my coffee and computer. I have tried to start this post a few times, only to be interrupted by a request for a reading of “Go Dog Go” (I cannot turn down a book) and then moments later the sound of a loud crash when my “innocent sweet kitty cat” decided to take a flying leap to the top of the bookcase, presumably to help me declutter a bit.

All pretty typical for a Sunday. (more…)

Grocery Goodifying – Six on a Budget

Feeding a family of six on a budget |

Feeding a family of six on a budget |

Meet Supermom.  Dawn is a mother of four, super generous, involved in the community, and even finds time to organize the meal donations for new twin parents.  It was a conversation with her that gave me the idea to do this little series in the first place.  She feels the pressure of shopping on a really tight budget, and told me she really doubted she could fit anything extra (think organic milk) into her list.

I took that as a challenge.  If it is something that she would like to do, I’d like to help her.  I think a reasonable goal is to find room in the budget for non-conventional milk.

Here is what I did:

Six Ingredient Vegan Chili

Easy Vegan Chili from

Six Ingredient Vegan Chili | Foolproof recipe for when you have vegan dinner guests.  |

I know what you’re thinking – a chili recipe right now?  But spring has finally sprung!  The long winter is over!  Break out the shorts and sunscreen!

And that’s probably the case for most parts of the country right now.  But maybe our friends in the Southern Hemisphere can relate to my current predicament. (more…)