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The Dangers of Shopping at Costco

What happens if you shop at Costco with no list |

Dear Emily,

I’m writing you this urgent letter to spread the news, before you and your family fall victim to the hidden dangers behind one of America’s favorite stores.

Good Not Perfect's guide to surviving Costco

You may have been considering a membership.  While this store can be a true delight for bargain shoppers and growing families alike, it is very easy to drop $400 without even trying.  There are a few important commandments one must obey before agreeing to join the elite membership club that everyone is part of.  You must obey my instructions to avoid the lingering, wandering aimlessly kind of Costco trip that can wreak havoc on a budget. (more…)

The Hunt for a Better CCC: S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies


On my recent quest to find my favorite chocolate chip cookie (CCC) recipe, I’m not aiming for perfection.  All I want is better … decent, even.  My CCCs have fallen so far from their prior glory, and I blame it all on living at altitude.

When I first moved to Denver about a year ago, I wondered, “Why all the hype about baking at altitude?”  I made quite a few things that turned out just fine without alteration – muffins, banana bread, cupcakes.  But there was something missing from my tried and true Toll House CCC recipe, even when I followed the altitude baking instructions.  These turned out dry and too crunchy when I wanted lofty, golden brown, chewy-in-the-middle-but-crisp-on-the-outside.

Thus began the search for something better. (more…)