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Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes

Blueberry whole wheat pancakes |

Blueberry whole wheat pancakes |


It’s a crisp Sunday morning here. I have put Sesame Street on for a whole 45 minutes of attempted peace and quiet to spend some time sitting in a sunbeam with my coffee and computer. I have tried to start this post a few times, only to be interrupted by a request for a reading of “Go Dog Go” (I cannot turn down a book) and then moments later the sound of a loud crash when my “innocent sweet kitty cat” decided to take a flying leap to the top of the bookcase, presumably to help me declutter a bit.

All pretty typical for a Sunday. (more…)

Oops, it’s been a few months!

Pergola |

Well, it’s almost been a year since I called up Emily and said. “Hey, I have an idea”. She had a sister who is handy with the IT stuff and I had a vision. Emily had a bit of free time to fiddle around, and wanted to learn about Internet publishing so could do some medical writing during the time she had between her hubby’s various stations. I was unfulfilled in my job, desperately wanting more social interaction, and missing the chance to exercise the journalistic muscles that I had developed in the hard-hitting newsrooms of Muncie Burris High School (for your yung’uns this was how people saw pictures of sporting events and learned about the Prom theme back before Facebook happened). I dabbled in journalism in college as a copy editor at the IDS, and ran the B-School paper for a few years. Come to think of it, in this blog I still haven’t proven that I remember how to write a good lead.
But I digress.

Week 9: Letter to the Future

In this world of social media and “soft” copies of everything, we are seldom squirreling away paper prints of photos or paper letters like we did in our childhood days.  Way back in middle school I remember writing notes to friends (and receiving them), and I would save them in a box in my closet.  It was fun to look at them years later and see what we were thinking about and scheming about at that age. (more…)