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Weekly Wrap-Up 4: New York Adventures

2014-4-12 Collage

2014-4-12 Collage


Dear Emily & Mary,

Well, as I mentioned in my last *ahem* “weekly” wrap up, things around here have been turned upside down.  It’s really been interesting.  I’ve been really busy, but also really happy.  Two weeks ago I was out of the office for three days for the Global Volatility Summit.  Essentially, this was a group of incredibly smart hedge fund managers and investors talking about derivatives.  Here were the highlights: (more…)

Weekly Wrap-Up 3

Weekly Wrap 3 |

Weekly Wrap 3 |

Hi Mary & Em,

What a week!  My second week at the new job, now 3 sick kids in total, plus me getting over a full fledged sinus infection (remember I told you I had a pesky cold?  It turned into raging headache slash pain in the maxilla slash shooting ear pain).   Meanwhile, I am having to adjust to working five days a week every week.  You guys know that at my old job, I had 26 Fridays off a year, which meant I could schedule haircuts, get the occasional grocery trip in, and cross a nagging task or two off of my to do list.  Even the weeks I worked five days, I had visibility into when my next Friday off would be, and could put things off until then.  And I think even more importantly, I could use that Friday to regroup and make new lists and scribble on the calendar. (more…)

Weekly Recipe Wrap II

Weekly Wrap Up

Hi Emily & Mary,

Em – First off, let me say I was so glad to read your journal entry and see that great picture of you on the beach!  It made me happy to picture you and Thelma frolicking with my homegirl Stephanie from Covet Living and her co-pilot Gus.  Mary, I would love to see your entry if you have it.  You guys are always teaching me interesting things which is part of why I love you both so much. (more…)