Grocery Goodifying – Six on a Budget

Feeding a family of six on a budget |

Feeding a family of six on a budget |

Meet Supermom.  Dawn is a mother of four, super generous, involved in the community, and even finds time to organize the meal donations for new twin parents.  It was a conversation with her that gave me the idea to do this little series in the first place.  She feels the pressure of shopping on a really tight budget, and told me she really doubted she could fit anything extra (think organic milk) into her list.

I took that as a challenge.  If it is something that she would like to do, I’d like to help her.  I think a reasonable goal is to find room in the budget for non-conventional milk.

Here is what I did:

Six Ingredient Vegan Chili

Easy Vegan Chili from

Six Ingredient Vegan Chili | Foolproof recipe for when you have vegan dinner guests.  |

I know what you’re thinking – a chili recipe right now?  But spring has finally sprung!  The long winter is over!  Break out the shorts and sunscreen!

And that’s probably the case for most parts of the country right now.  But maybe our friends in the Southern Hemisphere can relate to my current predicament. (more…)

Week 9: Letter to the Future

In this world of social media and “soft” copies of everything, we are seldom squirreling away paper prints of photos or paper letters like we did in our childhood days.  Way back in middle school I remember writing notes to friends (and receiving them), and I would save them in a box in my closet.  It was fun to look at them years later and see what we were thinking about and scheming about at that age. (more…)