Weekly Recipe Wrap II

Weekly Wrap Up Goodnotperfect.com

Hi Emily & Mary,

Em – First off, let me say I was so glad to read your journal entry and see that great picture of you on the beach!  It made me happy to picture you and Thelma frolicking with my homegirl Stephanie from Covet Living and her co-pilot Gus.  Mary, I would love to see your entry if you have it.  You guys are always teaching me interesting things which is part of why I love you both so much. (more…)

What I’d like to learn more about- Emily’s Journal

Well, it’s official.  I’m the slacker of this group.  I’ve been “Springing Into Balance” by eating more junk food and not really keeping up with the journal project.  Let’s blame it on the failed transition of my toddler into a real bed and the sleep deprivation that has ensued.


“What I’d like to learn more about” is either the best or the worst topic for me.  Best because I have a long list of things.  Worst because I’m not sure that I can narrow it down!