Well, it’s almost been a year since I called up Emily and said. “Hey, I have an idea”. She had a sister who is handy with the IT stuff and I had a vision. Emily had a bit of free time to fiddle around, and wanted to learn about Internet publishing so could do some medical writing during the time she had between her hubby’s various stations. I was unfulfilled in my job, desperately wanting more social interaction, and missing the chance to exercise the journalistic muscles that I had developed in the hard-hitting newsrooms of Muncie Burris High School (for your yung’uns this was how people saw pictures of sporting events and learned about the Prom theme back before Facebook happened). I dabbled in journalism in college as a copy editor at the IDS, and ran the B-School paper for a few years. Come to think of it, in this blog I still haven’t proven that I remember how to write a good lead.
But I digress.